Ad-din Ambulance Service provides outstanding round-the-clock emergency transportation to fetch critically ill patients from both within and outside of Dhaka. Currently there are 10 ambulances active within Dhaka city. The main objective of this affordable service is to bring rapid aid to the patients and lead them to the service centres as soon as possible.

Key features:

Our customised ambulances ensure a faster approach to the patients’ location, allowing for passing through narrow alleys and lanes to reach your doorstep. The size of the vehicle is also convenient for cutting traffic and reaching destinations for faster medical attention. Ambulances typically reach the patients’ location within 30 minutes of placing a call.

Equipped with oxygen and fan, each ambulance seats three to four people apart from the patient. To ensure that the patient is located with ease and precision, each vehicle comes with a digital vehicle tracking system device enabling our control room to assist and direct the closest stationed ambulances to the right destination in the swiftest possible time.

Ambulance Service Charges:

SL # Ad-din Ambulance Address Charges within primary territory Charges outside primary territory Helpline/Call Center
1 Ad-din Medical College Hospital, 2 Bara Moghbazar, Dhaka 380 (for Ad-din patients) 520 (for non Ad-din patients) Additional 30 Tk/km (for Ad-din patients) Additional 40 Tk/km (for non Ad-din patients) 10610


2 Ad-din Barrister Rafiq-ul-Haq Hospital, Postgola, Dhaka 380 (for Ad-din patients) 520 (for non Ad-din patients Additional 30 Tk/km (for Ad-din patients) Additional 40 Tk/km (for non Ad-din patients) 01713488425
3 Ad-din Bashundhara Medical College Hospital, Keraniganj, Dhaka 380 Additional 30 Tk/km (within Dhaka) Additional 40 Tk/km (outside Dhaka) 1713488414
4 Ad-din Akij Medical College Hospital, Khulna 350 Additional 40 Tk/km 1713488422
5 Ad-din Sakina Medical College Hospital, Jessore 200 (per km) Additional 40 Tk/km 1713488460
6 Ad-din Children’s Hospital, Jessore 200 (per km) Additional 40 Tk/km 1713488455
7 Ad-din Hospital, Kushtia 200 Additional 40 Tk/km 1713488427

Oxygen service can be availed for a fee of Tk 100 only. Transportation of dead bodies warrants an additional fee of Tk 200 (free for Ad-din patients). Waiting charge of Tk 200 will be added for delays over 30 minutes after reaching the patients’ location. All charges are exclusive of toll or any other transportation cost.
Booking Procedure:

No advance payment is required for calling Ad-din Ambulance Service Center. The money is due only after the ambulance reaches the specified address. Calls can be made at all hours. Ambulance service can be availed easily with a one-time payment. Bookings can be confirmed using the receipt from payments. No need to pay separate gratuity to the drivers. Retrieving indigent patients does not warrant any additional service charge.